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instructions on using the logo

1. The company's customers must use the logo of the company exactly as it is presented by the company, along with the standard name of the company and do not change it. Customers can use the company logo in their own colors.

2. The logo shall not be used on the product or packaging of the product as seen by the customer, or in any manner that the concept of product conformity is taken out of it.

The certificate holder must obtain confirmation from the company for the following:

A) How and how the company logo is used for promotional items, general packaging of products, information labels or usage guidelines.

B) Any other method that is used. In these cases, the certification manager examines how the logos are tracked to the relevant certificate and issues confirmation if the requirements are met.

3. Customers should use the logo of the company only in the cases specified in the scope of application of the certificate.

4. Customers should refrain from using the logo of the company alone (without mentioning the standard name below the logo).

5. The right of customers to use the logo of the company and the relevant certificate in the following circumstances will be immediately completed:

Customers fail to report to the Center about the important changes in their management systems.
Use the logo of the company on laboratory test reports, calibration or inspection
Incorrect use of the company's certificate or logo (for example, the use of a certificate outside the scope of use or not mentioning the scope of use in advertising)
Using the logo of the company on the products or the packaging of the product so that the concept of product compliance is taken from it.
Note: The use of a logo or a standard defensive mark for products conforming to the IPSA CERT standard is the right to use the logo or logo with the permission of the company.
Preventing caring audits in the company's authorized period
Revocation of certificate due to the results of medical examinations

6. Customers should not use any method that leads to an increase in the number of certificates issued by the company (eg copying, printing, scanning ...).

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