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What is ISO 10004 “Customer Satisfaction”?

ISO 1004 provides guidance in defining and implementing processes to monitor and measure customer satisfaction.

By identifying customer expectations and satisfaction data; gather customer satisfaction data and monitor their on-going satisfaction; and provide feedback for improvement of customer satisfaction

The international standard series ISO 10000 can be used by any organizations no matter what type, size or product.
Concept of customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is determined by the gap between the customer's expectations and the customer's perception of the product as delivered by the organization. To achieve customer satisfaction, the organization should first understand the customer's expectations. These expectations might be explicit or implicit, or not fully articulated. Customer expectations, as understood by the organization, form the primary basis of the product that is subsequently planned and delivered. The extent to which the delivered product is perceived by the customer to meet or exceed expectations determines the degree of customer satisfaction. It is important to make a distinction between the organization's view of the quality of the delivered product and the customer's perception of the delivered product, because it is the latter that governs the customer's satisfaction.

Why do I need it?
ISO 10004 provides guidance in defining and implementing processes to monitor and measure customer satisfaction.Obtain information on new expectation, resolving complaints to the satisfaction of the complainant and the organization.

Identify trends and therewith eliminate causes of complaints, encourage personnel to improve their skills in working with customers, basis for continual review and analysis of the complaints-handling process

Benefits of ISO 10004 Certification

ISO 10004 deals with defining and applying processes to monitor and measure customer satisfaction. It is implemented by any organization irrespective of its type, size or product produced. The focus of ISO 10004 is on customers external to the organization. The 10004 ISO provides organizations with the following further merits:

Customer retention
Brand reputation
Improved communication
Continual improvement
Process efficiency
Increase sales and profitability

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