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What Is ISO 16001 Certification?

The ISO 16001 certification is commonly known as the Energy Management Systems certification. As the name suggests, this certification is designed to help your business use energy in an efficient manner and the certification of your business will not only cut down energy costs in your business but also present a positive image to your consumers and stakeholders.

ISO 16001 certification benefits your business in many ways including:

Thoroughly embed energy management systems into your business in all areas of your work. This reduces energy costs to further business savings. Your energy consumption will be much more efficient and economic in your business at all levels.
Enhance your reputation through energy management systems that promote environmentally conscientious business practices. Voluntary dedication to cutting energy consumption and carbon emissions is shown through ISO 16001 certification and can have a significant impact on consumers and investors.
Improve business branding by demonstrating your company's environmental credentials. This will also help you to stand out as a leading competitor against other businesses through voluntary ISO 16001 certification.
Include your staff in your energy management systems allowing them to "make a difference" through the ISO 16001 certification program. This will improve staff morale and retention as you work together to ensure your business meets international energy management standards.

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