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ISO 29990

What is ISO 29990?
ISO 29990 is a quality management system standard for providers of education and training services. ISO 29990 provides an integrated model for a quality and professional mode of operation, as well as a common reference point for both Learning Service Providers (LSP) and their clients for the formulation, development and delivery of the specified program.
Why do we need ISO 29990?
There are a multitude of Learning Service Providers offering similar programs. However, not all of the providers are competent and effective. With the ISO 29990 certification, the transparency and affinity of the various programs offered by the many providers are increased. ISO 29990 is not only useful for organizations looking for a renowned partner to work with, but it also appeals to LSPs which ensures their consistency in providing quality services and improving organizational effectiveness.
What are the benefits of ISO 29990?
Value Improvement and Increased Marketability - Your business gains global visibility and public trust by showing that you are committed in ensuring the integrity and excellence of learning programs.
Cost Reduction - By following the standards required for ISO 29990, you eliminate unnecessary services from your processes and will be able to analyze and plan ahead in the constantly developing requirements of the industry. By acting promptly, you minimize potential consequences and monetary losses.

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