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mission and vision

Mission and strategic plans of the company:
The main mission of the company is to support its organizations and their clients through complications, effective training, solving their management and systemic problems and enhancing value-added activities. Other goals include the following:  increases the level of quality and  Improving products competitiveness and services of public and private organizations, supports and motivates continuous improvement in management systems and ultimately international certification in support of free trade in products in the global market.

Arvand samaneh Pishgaman Sanat technical & engineering Company , in order to provide the best educational services and promotion of customer-oriented culture, in addition to satisfying customers, creates more Value Added for the organization and continuously in its strategic plan, Has put the following on the agenda of the organization:
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Using resources at the disposal and endeavoring to expand them, especially human resources, through the establishment of a dynamic educational system and quality improvement programs for human resources.
• Training (Quality Management Systems and Quality Engineering Techniques)
• Development and advancement of information systems and methods of doing business at the organization level
• Provide affordable and highly competitive prices
• Provide specialized technical and system training to continuously improve customer processes
• Perform pre-audit, final audit and certification of products and quality management systems from reputable international references.
• Create and enhance good communication with all employers
• Assessing the quality and performance of providing services and dealing with employees by employers
• Efforts to improve the financial strength and profitability of the organization

The Company Based on the experience and technical knowledge gained during its activities, as well as with the ever-increasing efforts to promote the level of standardization culture of the organizations of the country, the company has been active with every activity and every field and has always been working to improve the internal and external conditions of the organization They are trying to take an effective step in the development of the country.

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