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registration and certification regulations

Cancellation Certificate: Decision for renewal / Certificate Validity.

Preservation Certificate: Decision to continue the validity of the Certificate (in the Care Audit).

Increasing the scope of application: Adding items to the scope of application of the certificate of compliance with the standard that the company verifies.

Reminder: Items may include new products or processes.

Recovery certificate: Recovery certificate includes revocation and receipt of original copies of the certificate issued.

Packing of audit documents: a set of forms and records of conducting audits, assessment of the audit and decision on the certificate.

Reminder: The contents of this packet are changed when you pass through the related processes.

Certificate Suspension: Canceling Temporary Certificate

Reminder: The suspension period is up to 6 months.

Certificate renewal: The decision to continue to conform to the standard and the certificate will be re-issued again

Certification: Decisions to make compliance with audit criteria.

Reducing Program Scope: Eliminates part of the audit scope so that the system does not compromise with remaining components through the remaining partitions.

Certificate / Verification: Certificate issued by the company to confirm compliance with the relevant standard in the field of company activities.

NOTE: Approval is issued for product samples, quality tools and management techniques.

Cancel Certificate Validation: Change the status of the certificate to invalid state.

Reminder: Credit cancellation occurs for two reasons: end of validity period, non-retention of the certificate by the company

Revision: If an unacceptable conformity is detected during the audit so that the effects of this non-compliance result in inefficiency of the system / defect beyond the scope of acceptance or the certificate is suspended, the audit should be carried out again fully. It is called a re-examination.

Audited: An organization or unit that has been audited.

Certificate status: Indicates valid, pending, and invalid validation status.

Technical Department: A group of persons with proven competence for assessing the audit trail and recognizing the acceptance or rejection of the audit team's advice regarding issues of certification, change of domain, extension, suspension, revocation, or revocation of the certificate, and during a verdict By the chairman of Arvand Company Pioneer Industries, they have joined the technical board. The board will meet in priority intervals, according to the necessity of work.

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